Best online resources for graphic designers to keep themselves updated

The graphic design industry is so dynamic where things will be changing lightning fast. Just trusting our own design ability and creativity is not enough to sustain here. We must always be on our toes with the change in trends and stay one step ahead of the industry. It’s always good to know what our colleagues and competitors are up to and learn from them to keep ourselves updated. Here are some useful & free online resources which will help us from being left behind in the industry.

Online Magazines

There are numerous graphic design magazines and blogs are available on the net. If you want to kill your spare time in some useful way surfing over these mags will be the best option. Don’t forget to subscribe and join their social media to get regular updates.

Here is a list of online magazines where we can find numerous articles written by industry experts on a regular basis (listed in no particular order).

YouTube Channels

Naturally, our generation prefers watching tutorial videos rather than reading books for learning. The YouTube has emerged as an effective platform for creative professionals to share their knowledge and skills with others. Here are some popular design channels for you to follow (listed in no particular order).

Graphic Design Podcasts

As a graphic designer, one of the best ways to keep up with the changes and trends from the industry is listening to podcasts. They are not only informative but very convenient also. We can listen to them on demand and on-the-go. There are tons of free resourceful podcasts thru which we can get inspired and learn new things. Here are some popular design channels design podcasts for you to listen (listed in no particular order).

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